Thursday, February 12, 2015

Post 2877 - Wednesday and Thursday


Sorry I didn't write on Wednesday. I have been fighting something for the last couple of days, and it has won a conditional victory. I took a Tylenol Night pill and it knocked me out hard around 7:45 last night. I slept through "Arrow", for goodness' sake.

Today I am back at work, but am going through many kleenex and my throat is so itchy I might as well be wearing a fisherman's knit sweater inside out.

Patricia continues to recover from her pneumonia. She is slowly on the mend, but she still has several days to get better ere she must return to work on the 17th.

There is not much to report otherwise. When you're sick and working, there is not much else going on other than being sick and shuffling through the work day before going home and collapsing. I am just grateful that there is a 4 day weekend coming up for me. Oshtur and Mitra know that I need the rest.

I did wake up last night long enough to wonder how my mother was doing and to remind myself to give her a call. Sigh. That will take a long time for me to get over.

Ugh. Feel like crap. I must be sick if I don't feel like eating anything for lunch.

See you tomorrow.


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