Sunday, February 22, 2015

Post 2886 - Sunday

Well, hello again, my friends. How are you this evening?

The new issue of Frank hits the web on Monday. It contains another one of my columns, plus some extra material you may find interesting. I hope you check it out.

I slept in late this morning. After the ordeal of Friday evening plus all the driving and running around I did on Saturday I was pretty bushed last evening. I know that Newbie missed me as well. He was all over me last night, and has barely left me alone today. I was watching Netflix with Patricia a couple of hours ago. Newbie insinuated himself on the chair between me and the arm, pushing me over in the process. He stayed there and let me pet him for a few minutes before he hopped off, as if telling me that he had had enough.

But before that I nuked dinner. Left-over meatballs and rice. I have been calling them flesh spheres for such a long time, that "meatballs" just doesn't sound right. Do they still make the frozen dessert called "Snack and a Half"? I started calling them"One Point Five Snacks" back in the 1980's, so the actual name doesn't sound right to me, either.

(Does that sound weird? Do you think any less of me? Please don't do that. You know how sensitive I am. Sniff!)

But before that, we spent some time preparing for spring cleaning. I broke down a bunch of cardboard boxes to go out with the recycling this week, while Patricia found a bunch of stuff that needs to be shredded toot sweet.

But before that, I cooked us an omelette and stuffed it with cheese, mushrooms, shallots and bacon, and prepared some McCafe coffee, which is some of the best coffee you can get in my opinion.

But before that, I was asleep, which takes us all the way back to paragraph three.

Later on this evening I want to watch a few minutes of The Oscars to see how well Neil Patrick Harris makes out as the host. Then it will be The Walking Dead before I decide whether to watch The Talking Dead afterward. TWD, as I have mentioned before, is starting to coast along, and I have to wonder how much of a master plan the producers have for the show, and whether I can just start to binge watch them on Netflix instead of waiting for a whole week between episodes as I do now. Some episodes are a snooze fest while others have an odd pacing that puts me off. It is as if they plot as far as every 8th episode and find material to cover the airtime leading up to these milestones. Maybe the bloom is off the rose for me as far as the show is concerned. I just wonder if  the spin off series will make things any better, or will we have another show like CSI:Miami?

Yeah. David Caruso as a zombie. I like that.

May as well go back upstairs and see how Patricia is making out.

See you tomorrow.


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