Thursday, February 26, 2015

Post 2889 - Thursday

What a crappy day! Let me tell you about it.

Got up at my usual time, more or less. I went out to start up the car to warm it before heading out. Much to my disappointment, the fan didn't turn on, which meant that the car had no heat. It has been crazy cold here lately, so not having any heat meant not being able to clean off the car windows and not have a way to keep the windows from icing over on the way to work. Double plus ungood.

Patricia ended up taking the bus, while I went back inside the house to stew. I called my dealership, and was happy to learn that they could take me in today. I called CAA and asked them to tow my car to the dealership, and this they agreed to do, but not until 9 or so. I went downstairs and closed my eyes for a few minutes to calm down.

Buddy showed up, and I drove my car up on the back of the tow truck, and he winched it in place. But as I drove it up, the fan kicked in. He drove me to the dealership, I explained the intermittent issue with the fan, and got a shuttle to work. I got there at 10.

They called me around 11:30. Turns out that the thermostat was toast. Because it wasn't working, it could not send the signal to the fan to come on, and therefore no heat could be generated. The part was about $25. But by the time you paid for the labour, and flush the coolant and the tax, it would be the better part of $300. It had to be done, so I told them to do the work.

I got the car mid-afternoon and returned to work. Now the car produces so much eat it dries my eye balls.

After work, Patricia and I drove to Costco to get "a few things". We filled our cart with many items. While at the check out, we noticed a woman who had bags of salt in her cart. I approached her and asked her where she had procured said road salt. She told me that a shipment had just come in and pointed to the section of the store where the diapers were. I don't have to tell you, or maybe I do, that our Winter has been insane, and salt is nearly impossible to find. I ran to that part of the store, only to discover that the salt had been moved to the part of the store where it should have been, so I hied myself there just in time to get two bags. A staff person carried a bag for me while I lugged the other.

Patricia was so happy to see the bags of salt she decided she wanted more, so off she went. The supply of salt I just mentioned was exhausted, so she went to the area where the diapers were and arrived just in time to get three more bags.

We returned to the car and spent the next 10 minutes stuffing it with the things we had just purchased. Paper towel. Enough toilet paper to sustain the aftermath of a chilli cook off. Five bags of salt. Four things of windshield washer fluid. Many victuals. Two dress shirts Patricia got me for my birthday. More things. Many more things.

We got home. Unloaded the car. I showered. We watched Big Bang Theory. I came down here to my home office and have been puttering for the last 90 minutes or so. Listening to Q as hosted by Kevin Smith. Yes. Kevin Smith.

Today was a very expensive day. I am glad that I got the car working again, and hope that this is the last time I have to spend significant cash on the thing for a long time. I doubt it, but a fella can hope, right?

Tomorrow is Friday. Looking forward to staying in and taking it easy.

See you tomorrow.


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