Friday, February 27, 2015

Post 2890 - Friday

It's late, and I don't want to write too much this evening.

I have spent the last few hours fiddling and farting around with the two desktop computers I keep in my home office. One of them, which I have had for years and bought new, started acting up this morning. Some files I was hoping to copy to an external hard drive didn't, and the computer was all but crashing. It would not boot. This evening I feared the worst, and figured I had lost some crucial contents, that perhaps the hard drive was toast. So I swapped desktops, dragging the one I got for free from a neighbour a few years ago and moving it to where the crappy one had been. Hooked up all the hard drives and so on, and it is mostly working except for the speakers.

In the morning I will install plex media server on this computer and then have it go out there and generate all the bloody indexes and so on. Good times. Good times.

Meanwhile, the computer that failed? Turned out it didn't like one of those hard drives I mentioned. I removed it from the path and it now boots, although the display is all off. In the morning I will likely just install a fresh os on it and use it as the computer  use for my Frank Magazine columns going forward. I have to write a draft of my next column by Sunday evening.

Computers are weird things. For reasons only they know, they just stop working sometimes. A few months ago, I thought this computer was no more good. It wouldn't boot. I went out and spent 12 bucks on a used power supply, but was told first to unplug the existing power supply from the mother board, and then hook it back up and plug it in. Voila! Worked again, and it is the computer I am now going to make my media and print server in the house. Very strange indeed.

Been a long week. I need a rest. So I think I will call it a night.

It's a ... oh, you've heard that joke before.

See you tomorrow.


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