Saturday, February 28, 2015

Post 2891 - Saturday

It is Saturday evening, around 10:30. Listening to "Saturday Night Blues" on CBC radio. Why do I not listen to that show a whole lot more?

Anyway, I spent far too many hours configuring these desktop computers. I have a newer linux distro on the HP desktop, which is the one I dragged to the other part of my home office last evening. I need to download and install a bunch of things in the morning, but not tonight.

The compaq desktop, however, the one I got for free from a neighbour a few years ago, has been quite the adventure. I got the printer set up properly, but spent many, many hours today configuring the Plex Media Server on that computer.

The problem, over and over, is linux file permissions. Turns out that this newer version of the flavour of ubuntu I am running uses a different method of associating external hard drives with a desired mount point than what I am used to. After hours of trial and error I finally discovered that a utility that does disc analysis will also modify the fstab file for you. Sure. Right. I guess I should have just known that.

I feel a sense of accomplishment this evening, but I have to wonder how many people who don't have my background would have thrown up their hands and biffed the computer out the window before this? While I got it working, I can't help but feel that, like the wiseacre who watches you eat lobster and tells you that you're missing the best part, that someone at my work will read this blog post and tell me that I could have done it a different way that would have avoided all the hassle I have experienced today.

So, now, PMS is re-generating the indexes for many tv shows and movies and songs. It will likely run all evening and in to the morning. Yippee.

Tomorrow, definitely have to start my next Frank column. Deadline is Wednesday.

See you tomorrow.


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