Saturday, March 7, 2015

Post 2896 - Saturday


It is just past 10pm Saturday night. CBC Radio is playing "Saturday Night Blues", and like last weekend, I will repeat that I really should listen to the show much more often than I do.

So, I have internet again. Turns out that the modem I had was no longer functional. Whilst at Value Village Friday afternoon, against all odds, I saw an unused (unbroken plastic wrapping) Aliant modem. Also  has a built-in wireless router, so I could potentially retire the barely-used Tenda router.

Got it home and ran down here. After a quick call to technical support, I had the thing up and running. I was then able to sit down and watch some episodes of "House of Cards" and the first episode of "Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt", both on Netflix. Today, I watched the very first Columbo movie courtesy of Plex.

I know that I should get fibreop, but you should recall that I have had some extraordinary expenses in the last 2 months, what with paying a goodly percentage of my mother's funeral, retiring her line of credit, replacing my car battery, and getting a new thermostat for my car. Very expensive year so far, 2015. So fibreop will have to wait a bit longer.  But I hear nothing but good things about it. I am envious of people who have it.

It has been a quiet day. Sunday I hope will be another quiet day, before I return to work on Monday morning.

Say, don't forget to "spring" ahead over night. Because of all the clock radios I have in the house, it is a major project for me to change them all. I always forget one or two. Since most people only have "one or two" clock radios in their damned house to begin with, they don't see the big deal. But here in my home office I have 5 clock radios. 5. And there are 4 of them in the recroom, next door. One up stairs in the kitchen. Two more in the upper level bedrooms. And don't get me started on the clock radios at my mother's. I always forget one or two of them. Is it time to sigh yet?

I guess I should sit down and write down where all the clock radios are so that I don't miss any.

You have a good evening and I will see you tomorrow.


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