Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Post 2899 - Tuesday

Hello again, my friends.

It is just past 8:30pm. I have had my shower for the evening. I have eaten. And Newbie rests above me in the empty chicken box. If I could get a webcam to work under this new version of linux I'm trying out, I would get a picture for you. Some other time, I promise.

Woke up with a migraine this morning. I wrote work that I would be late and slept for another few hours, at which time I felt much better and drove in to work. It is too bad I can't drive in to work every day during non-rush hours, because I practically sailed in.

After work, I drove home. Didn't feel like cooking, so we ordered in a pizza. We ate. I took my shower, and if this isn't the most boring blog post yet, I would like to know what one has been.

Something did happen today, though. I opened the mail this morning, and there was a threat from the insurance company to cancel the insurance policy at the house in the Valley unless I remitted the munificent sum of 30 dollars to them by March 22nd. WTF? I had paid the insurance in December for the agreed-upon amount. Why would they change things now?

A couple of hours later, I learned. Turns out that because Mom's name was on the policy, she was able to qualify for a small discount equal to 30 dollars.  After she died, I did the correct thing and alerted the insurance company and had her named removed from the policy. This triggered an alert that removed the discount and produced letters demanding I pay the difference.

It ticked me off. I paid the money but it ticked me off. I had paid the insurance in good faith 3 months ago. I didn't enjoy having to reach in to my pocket again and hand over yet more money; and I sure as frig muffins didn't appreciate the threatening tone of the letter. I had half a mind to cancel the insurance entirely. But, if I did that, 5 minutes later there would be some kind of calamity and I'd be f--- er, I mean, severely inconvenienced.

You know, I'm going to throw the lines open. Tell me about your insurance horror story. A time when an insurance company didn't provide coverage you thought it would, or lost your policy, or decided you owed additional money part way through the coverage year. Contact me via a comment on the blog, through my Facebook, my Twitter, or via an email here. I look forward to hearing from you.

See you tomorrow.


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