Friday, March 13, 2015

Post 2901 - Sigh!

Well, I sure am having a good time in the Valley so far! Yep. You betcha.

Or not. Let's go with "or not".

Let me explain.

My dryer here at the house is toast. I can tell you this because when you turn it on, the arse end of it heats up and lights up redder than Michael Jackson did the first time he saw a woman nude. Or me for that matter. But I digress. We decided it would not be a good idea to use the dryer any more. It has become an interesting ornament in the laundry room. On the left hand side, there is the washing machine, still chugging along. In the middle is that little tub thingy for pre-soaking. Then there is the unusable washing machine.

"Jesus, where is he going with this?"

Here's where I'm going with this.

The dryer at my mother's works just fine. So, every few weeks when I go down there, we make sure that the towels and things that will not dry easily on their own are washed here and dried down there. Works out well.

Until this evening.

Let me explain.

"Dammit, will he get to the point already?"

Hey, this is Bevboy's Blog, folks. I take my time getting to the point. If you want to read a more succinct blog, I'm sure the Kardashians have learned how to spell the word and have perhaps begun one of their own.

Where was I?

So, I have business in the Valley on Saturday. I got home here tonight, dropped off Patricia, grabbed something to wear for tomorrow, and headed out. I left my home and eventually ended up on Highway 101, heading toward God's Country.

Then I realized I had forgotten the clothes hamper containing the still-wet towels and so on.


The first exit I could use was at Mount Uniacke. Exit... 3? 4? 2? I can never remember. Mount Uniacke at least. I took that exit and doubled back to my house. I dropped off in Bayers Lake to get a burger. Called Patricia just so the shock of my return to the house wouldn't give her a heart attack, especially if Svend or Benito or Karlheinz was still here. These guys usually like to visit when I am away. I must discuss the appropriateness of that with Patricia sometime. But I digress.

I got her a burger, too. Drove back to the house. Retrieved the clothes hamper and dragged it upstairs, leaving it by the front door. And announced that I was going to drive to the Valley first thing Saturday morning instead. It was pushing 8:45 and I didn't feel like heading out a second time at that hour.

I am here. Newbie is all over me. And Patricia didn't have that heart attack.

So, when I get up in the morning, which will be very early, probably by the time Stan Carew starts his show on CBC radio, I will drive down, take care of my "bidness", and return sometime in the late afternoon. I want to get back to the city because I want to avoid that storm that is supposed to knock us around and have its way with us on Sunday. Because we don't have enough snow.

What is the title of this blog post again? Oh, right.


See you tomorrow.


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Unknown said...

You'll get that Stephen Leacock Award someday......