Sunday, March 15, 2015

Post 2903 - Sunday

Hello again, my friends.

I promised to tell you about yesterday, today. And I will. Now.

I had originally booked the utility to be at the house in the valley for a week ago.  That was not possible. Without my knowledge and consent they booked it for March 9th. I almost didn't find out in time. But, I did, and managed to re-schedule it for March 14th, which was yesterday.

You heard about the mishap of Friday night where I returned to the house because I had forgotten a hamper of wet towels. I ended up driving down instead early Saturday morning, leaving around 6:15. I got to the house around 7:40.

I got there and waited. I cooked myself some breakfast. And around 9:30 the phone rang. It was Patricia, who wanted to tell me that the utility company had called her at the house to confirm the appointment, but instead of the house I was at, it was at the house in the city. A complete screw up. Patricia let them know in no uncertain terms what the address was. They even had the correct address, actually; but they somehow thought it was a Halifax address even though anybody who's lived in Nova Scotia for more than 5 minutes would know it wasn't.

I was flabbergasted. My friend came over for coffee around 10, and we had a lovely chat. Around 10:30, the utility called me at the house and informed me that they could not locate a service technician on Saturday  to come to where I was and do this work. Did I want to book for the 21st?

Sigh. I did, but I let them know how pissed off I was. I had gone out of my way to be there and had been assured several times that, yes, they would be there. And they weren't.

I don't know who screwed up. I don't know what certain people use for brains. I don't know why customer service has gone down the toilet. And as a civil servant who's been told many times that civil servants are lazy and stupid, when I know it isn't true, I have to point to the fools at the utility who messed up this work order, twice.

The day wasn't a complete loss. I paid off the snow plow guy. I ran some errands. I had a very nice and fulsome chat with my food friend. I drank some good coffee. But the problem with the utility soured the experience for me.

I returned to the city mid-afternoon. I trudged up the stairs with the dried towels and the other things I had brought back with me. I showered. I took a long nap. And I turned in early.

Woke up this morning to a snowstorm. Mid-afternoon I went out and freed my car, and the young man who shovels out my driveway now has a snowblower of his own to use, so that was put to good use.

It has been a decent weekend, even if the utility issue on Saturday was such a farce. At least now I get to go back to work in the morning.

You guys have a good evening and I will see you tomorrow.


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