Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Post 2906 - Wednesday (I Think!)

We had a major snowstorm over night and into Wednesday. It was so bad that they pulled the buses off the road. It was also so bad that they cancelled my work for the day, which very seldom happens.

I haven't been outside all day. I just look out my front door and laugh and close it again. My car is, for all intents and purposes, buried. Snow is piled up in such a way that I don't know where I will put the snow around my car. My front deck has so much snow on it that I have to hope that it doesn't collapse. It is still new so I should be all right.

Roads are a mess, although the guy who manages all the snow plow operators in the city says that things are better tonight than they were earlier today. Side streets like the one I live on are likely impassible, although I will still be expected to make it into work in the morning. At least work is postponed until 10am. I will need that time to shovel my way out. Let's just hope that doing so doesn't result in a lethal heart aneurysm, like the one that killed poor Allan Rowe this week.

A nimrod Halifax councillor, Waye Mason, has called on all able-bodied Haligonians to step outside and shovel the sidewalks in front of their homes, even though the city has taken on this responsibility. I am not sure if this is a call to action, or just an admission that the city has fallen down hard on this task. I just know that I don't have sidewalks in my neighbourhood, and that between me and the young man down the street, it will be murder just to clear out my driveway enough to get my car out tomorrow, if it comes to that. I may just say the hell with it and take a partial vacation day. Depends.

I did accomplish something today, though: I sent in my latest column to Frank. My deadline was today. I am not sure if the Frank offices were open today, or whether the reporters were allowed to work from home. I really must ask them sometime.

I am wondering how much snow has piled up against the house in the Valley. I am guessing/expecting that my snow plow guy will clean out the driveway there tomorrow, but frig knows where the snow will go there. There is at least as much snow in the valley as there is here. Maybe even more.

I spent some time this evening moving books from upstairs to downstairs and found some books that I had forgotten I had. Doesn't mean I will actually read them, but it will be nice to have all my books in one place.

I'm sorry that this is not a funnier post. There is nothing funny that happened to me today. I guess I will call it a day and turn in, just in case I have to go to work tomorrow.

See you then, my friends.


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