Friday, March 20, 2015

Post 2908 - Friday

Hi. Friday nght.

I will be in the Valley Saturday morning in the hope of getting that "bidness" done that wasn't done last weekend. The utility people frigged up like crazy last Saturday. This time, they swear they will have it done correctly and someone will actually show up. If they don't this time I will express my disappointment by producing a moderately-worded email. That will teach them.

We keep hearing about yet another storm coming to the province over the weekend. A combination of snow and rain, because, after all, we don't already have enough precipitation down do we? After all, the snowpiles are "only" up to 12 feet so far. Let's go to a full 2 meters.

Netflix released another new show today, called "Bloodline". I am looking forward to seeing it. If it is only half as good as "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt", then we are really in for something.

Very little else going on, so I will call it a night and let you get back to maintaining your belly button lint collection.

See you tomorrow.


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