Sunday, March 22, 2015

Post 2910 - Sunday

Hello, my lovelies. How are you this evening?

I didn't write much on Saturday. Body shut down pretty early. But I am pleased to report that my "bidness" was pretty much taken care of yesterday.

A month ago, I got a security system installed in the family home. I won't get into the details of it, other than to say that it makes me feel very comfortable. And a week ago, on the 16th, I was to have the other piece taken care of, but I have already detailed that experience.

Yesterday, then, the guy showed up. And tonight I can now report that there is finally, at long last, an internet connection down there.

I got tired of having to drive to the local library to get internet service at my mother's house. I wanted to be able to surf the web or watch netflix, or what have you. Now, that is a reality. And it is pretty sweet.

My old friend Reg came over last week, and again yesterday. We talked about his cousin who had recently died. I wasn't going to mention it, but it has come out so I will announce that this man committed suicide in Alberta a couple of weeks ago. He was a tortured soul who did not have an easy life, and now his final days above ground are no picnic either. I have had my own family issues in this, the first 90 days of 2015, so I am not inclined to repeat his here. The funeral will be this coming Friday at 3pm at the church just past Jawbone Corner on your way into Canning. That Pentecostal church where people  shout out to the Lord and shake and shimmer and jump up and down and that's before the service even starts. I can't think of the name of the church or I would mention it here. It's the one that still advertises an Christmas concert if that helps.

With Greg's death on my mind, plus my mother's barely two months ago, it certainly puts things into perspective. When I didn't get the internet installed last week like I should have, I was not happy, but I wasn't nearly as upset about it as Patricia was. And now that I have the internet installed at the family home, I think it's neat, but hardly a show stopper or even anything more than something to combat a relatively minor irritant. Things that used to bug me a lot are today just minor irritants.

I returned to the city around 4:00pm and took things easy. My relatively high energy level began to slide off as the night progressed and after the 3rd episode of Netflix's "Bloodline", I turned in. Good show and everything, but it requires one's attention and that was starting to wane along with my energy.

Today has been about tackling the middle bedroom upstairs. Some people have a junk drawer. I have a junk room. And today I filled up 6 boxes of books and carted them downstairs to my home office and put them on the bookshelves behind where I am typing these words. To make room for them I am finally tossing out the old vhs tapes that had been taking up space here for far too long. I am holding on to the ones whose contents I want to digitize but once that is done, they will be gone, too.

Back to work tomorrow. I realized yesterday that I am going in to my first of four weeks where I only have to work 4 days. EDO on Friday. Good Friday the week after. Easter Monday rounds things out rather nicely indeed, but the next-next EDO will be the end of those four weeks.

Oh, one other thing. I gave Reg a decent working laser printer a week ago. Tomorrow I am giving another friend one. I still have a couple other ones that I do not want or need. I have a couple here in the house that I will use one-by-one until they fall apart, which should not be for years.

Do you know anyone who would like to have a free Samsung laser printer? 600 dpi. Decent throughput. Good print quality. And compatible with most any computer that doesn't run any MacIntosh operating system.  If you are running Windows or some flavour of Linux, you should have no problem getting this printer to talk to your computer. I have two or three of them left. Know anyone who is interested? Get back to me.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.


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Reg Schofield said...

See I do read the blog . It was great having coffee and chat time . Just so you know Greg's funeral time is now at 2 o'clock on Friday.Yes his life was very hard one but I have many fond memories. If I wasn't hanging out with you , I was with him . Thanks for mentioning him .