Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Post 2912 - Tuesday, Part Two

Hello again, my lovelies.

My goodness, two posts in one day. How did I manage that? I can hear it now. "Martha, get over here! Bevboy did two blog posts today!!" And Martha will weep with joy.

I read something yesterday that I want to share with you. Here. Go read it.

I have never met either party. I have heard that Doctor Cron is an excellent physician. But I am marveling at how much bad blood could have been roiled up over the past 50 years that he would not permit an ambulance to go on his property to access this otherwise land-locked property. I am not even sure if that would be legal. Would not the saving of a life trump private property rights?

I mean, when the police investigate a major crime, they don't stop and ask permission of the person whose property they're trouncing on. They just do it. Firefighters will enter a burning home and nobody even thinks to charge them with breaking and entering let along trespassing. And it seems to me if EMT's need to pick up a person that they would would have a right to perform those duties. For Doctor Cron to have such a pent-up dislike for those neighbours of his that he would treat them that way speaks volumes to me about his character and his compassion and even what kind of a doctor he is.

There are two sides to every story. I hope that the Cron's side comes out after all these years. Because right now, I don't have a good impression of him. I am enjoying reading the comments to the CBC news story.

See you tomorrow.


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