Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Post 2913 - Wednesday

Well, this will be fun.

Newbie resting on my left arm while I type with my right.

How was your day? Mine was okay. The weather has been better. The ice is melting finally. Some icicles that were hanging dangerously over my deck this morning were gone by the time I got home tonight.

In other news, that Halifax woman got her right of way, but at a terrible financial cost. Here is the update. I am loving the comments on the story, which have unfortunately closed. They are nearly 100% in favour of her plight and against those of the Crons. I know there are two sides to every story, but when one side gets its story out and the other doesn't, then what are people to think?

I have never met Linda Mosher, the city councillor, but I was disgusted by her comments about Susan Sutherland. She paints the Crons as victims whose property will now be devalued by allowing this driveway to exist. Typical South end class-ism. Typical of a doctor as well. The kind of guy who is used to making a certain amount of money, which you and I can only dream about, who will provide medical assistance to poor people but never deign to live among them.

When we were little kids, and had to see the doctor, my mother, who did not drive, would get a cab to transport us to doctor's office, which was in his home in Wolfville. Even then I thought it was inappropriate to have a doctor's office his home. It created the wrong impression and didn't seem professional somehow. And the house would be so off putting to people coming to it seeking medical assistance. Not to mention the perception that the doctor was putting on airs, opening up that portion of his house to riff raff like us.

Anyway, Doctor and Mrs. Cron will now have to tolerate having a driveway on their sanctified-now-sullied property. Poor them. Let's start a crowd-funding campaign for them. Never mind the fact that Susan Sutherland and her family have had 5 decades of inconvenience just doing things like transporting groceries and heating fuel to and from their property. Like I said before, typical class-ism.

I will keep up on this story and report any further updates.

You guys have a good evening. I will see you tomorrow.


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