Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Post 2918 - Tuesday

Hello again, my friends.

I write these words around 6pm Tuesday night. Patricia is getting her hair down at a place on Spring Garden Road. The appointment began around 5pm, so I should be here until 9:45 or so.

Had a decent day at work. Been working on my latest Frank column since around 4:30. I was worried sick this time that I would not have enough material to justify a full-length column and thought I would try something else. But with 24 hours left before my deadline, that thing has fallen through. Meanwhile, some other stories have come forward in the last few hours that will nicely fill my column inches. You will have to wait and see until next week how it all shakes out.

I work across the street from a major grocery store. I haven't had a solid meal since breakfast, so you can imagine I am thinking about all the scrumptious victuals over there. I am hungry enough to consider eating some of their repulsive sushi. Too, I have been carrying around gift certificates for a place called Tarek's Cafe, down and around the corner from my work. I was hoping to hold off on using them until some occasion when Patricia was available, so we could go together. But I am not sure if I can hold off that long.

Say, I know what we can discuss. Why don't you reply to this post via a comment to the post, or on my Facebook or twitter, and tell me what your favorite restaurant is. It could be one in Nova Scotia, or wherever your home town is. If the place has a website, include that. Because, frig, I'm hungry enough already. Let's add to the misery.

My work week is half over. Two more days before I can take 4 days off work. Nice work if you can get it, huh?

6:23 pm. How will I handle the next several hours until Patricia's hair is done? Sigh.

See you tomorrow.


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