Saturday, April 4, 2015

Post 2922 - Saturday

Just past 10pm.

Today we did step out for lunch, at a place on Quinpool Road called The Athens Restaurant. It's a place that has been in business for decades, but more recently moved to its present location, where a steak house called Hogie's had existed for a long time.

For whatever reason, the Athens has a weekend brunch buffet, and it is good if you don't have a mind to live much beyond 60. We go a few times a year.

We returned to the house around 2pm. I did the dishes, or most of them, while Patricia watched her cooking shows. Later on, we watched Better Call Saul, and we are caught up on that fine, fine series. You should be watching it. We also watched the first episode of season two of "Finding Carter", an MTV series which is very good, even when they run embedded commercials for the songs they're playing on the soundtrack. If you ever wondered what happened to Erik Estrada's boss on "CHiPS", wonder no more, because Robert Pine plays Carter's grandfather. His wife on the show is Meredith Baxter, so if you were wondering what happened to her after "Family Ties" went off the air, wonder no more.

I was using the Roku Plex client this evening to play some Jann Arden songs. With a press of a button, you can make it shuffle every song by whatever artist you choose. I have 6 Arden albums, so listening to her for a spell was fun.

Patricia made pizza this evening. Excellent pizza, better than any pizzeria around here. I mean that.

I guess I will turn in for the evening. Newbie is giving me that look. Besides, Patricia is busy watching "Bitten".

See you tomorrow.


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