Monday, April 6, 2015

Post 2924 - Monday

Hello again, my friends.

Another day off work. Back to the grind in the morning.

I spent a few hours today trucking some books from the middle bedroom upstairs down here to my home office. To make room for them, I threw out nearly all of my vhs tapes. The ones I am keeping contain content that I want to digitize. I have dozens of radio shows from the 1990's up through 2008. These are mostly AM 920 CJCH editions of the Hotline, plus some other programming that was only broadcast once.

It is amazing, the old books I am finding that I had long since forgotten I had. Mostly paperbacks, but the likes of which cannot be found around these parts any more, mostly because there aren't many used book joints around, but even those that exist likely do not carry the books I am unearthing. For example, I have dozens of John D. MacDonald novels in paperback, many of which were published in paperback to begin with and did not have a hardcover version. Ditto for Ed McBain's 87th Precinct series, the Destroyer novel series that started in the 1970's and ran until ... well, it is sort of still running if you want to be technical about it. My point is, I have a lot of books.

The goal, in the longer term, will be to arrange the books I'm keeping into some kind of findable format. That will be a large job and you will find it immeasurably uninteresting so perhaps I should change the subject.

Patricia made a chicken dinner for dinner tonight. The chicken was courtesy of a guy in the Valley who grew organic chickens for 25 years or so. He announced this past fall that he was retiring from the job as it is too much work for him and his woman and they would like to do other things in the September of their lives. I don't blame them for wanting to slow down. That, however, doesn't help us find another purveyor of poultry around these here parts whose product is as good as what our friend provided all these years. If you know someone, please let us know. Who raises organic chickens within an hour's drive of Halifax? Thank you.

I guess that is it for this evening, so I will call it a night. (And I respect you too much to use the obvious expression here.)

See you tomorrow.


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