Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Post 2926 - I Just Remembered

This post is for the people who watch "American Crime" on whatever network it is one. CTV in Canada. I am told it is quite good, but I haven't seen it yet.

I wrote about Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine last evening. A few years ago I wrote about how I started reading EQMM when I was 12, having been inspired by the mid 1970's EQ tv show starring Jim Hutton and David Wayne (as Ellery's father). John Hillerman, best known for his role of Higgins on Magnum PI, was also on "Ellery Queen".

Anyway, back to "American Crime". The star of that show is Timothy Hutton, son of Jim, who was the star of Ellery Queen. Timothy Hutton, years after his father's 1980 death, appeared in "Nero Wolfe", based upon a series of mystery stories by Rex Stout, a contemporary of the Ellery Queen mystery novels. Nero Wolfe starred the late Maury Chaykin, who had a summer home in Nova Scotia, and whom I met very briefly one year here in Halifax.

So, for John at my work, who's a fan of "American Crime" and has mentioned it at coffee a couple of times, Timothy Hutton has been around. 35 years ago, he was going to be the next Big Actor, but he still works on a regular basis, and I'm sure his dad would be proud. John should check out Timothy Hutton's earlier work, especially "Ordinary People", which won him best supporting actor in 1980, the youngest actor ever to win that Oscar.

I like how these little pieces of trivia all kind of fit together. Makes me think my youth wasn't totally wasted watching too much television and reading too many books instead of chasing girls who didn't want to go out with me in the first place.

And, damn, I liked that Ellery Queen tv show when I was a youngster. I hated how it was cut to pieces when A&E syndicated it a bunch of years ago, but the original broadcasts were so much fun back in the day. I wonder if the show would still be enjoyable for me to watch now.

That's it for this evening.

See you tomorrow.


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