Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Post 2931 - Tuesday

Hi again.

Today was either a vacation day or a family illness day for me. I put in for a vacation day, but it was anything but.

Patricia remains very ill. She is barely able to keep anything down. I went in to Bayer's Lake twice today to pick up victuals that she can handle. Turns out that frozen smoked salmon goes down and stays there. It only costs $16 a pound a Costco. It is delicious stuff, but I am not going to eat any more of it. The two packages I got this this evening are both for her.

She has a doctor's appointment late tomorrow morning, so I will have to beg off yet more time from work to take her to the doctor and home afterward, before I return to work in the afternoon so that I can go to my Toastmasters meeting in the evening, if indeed I elect to go tomorrow night because Patricia is so sick and I should be with her.

You understand.

I am feeling better, though. After Monday, where I was either asleep or waiting on Patricia, Tuesday greeted me minus the cold and sniffles I had had for a few days. I got lucky for a change. This never happens.

Newbie has been glad to have me home for the last few days. He rests in the chicken box on top of this computer desk. He has been there most of the evening. Here. Let me show you.

I hope I can come back in my next life as a cat. Once I got past the whole self-cleaning thing, I could really get into the whole sleeping thing.

See you tomorrow.


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