Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Post 2932 - Wednesday

Let's get this over with.

Patricia went to the doctor again today. Her prescription for her antibiotics was extended by another week. The doc also prescribed a cough medicine designed to suppress coughing. It contains codeine, so this is the point that I tell people who read this that it is only a small bottle and there is no point in breaking in to the house and trying to steal it. The contents of the bottle will be consumed over the course of the next 4 or 5 days. Get your own.

I returned to work after I dropped off Patricia. After work, I went to my Toastmasters meeting. There was a Mooseheads game this evening. Plus, they were protesting the governments' proposed cuts to the film tax credit program. It usually is not much of a problem finding a parking space, but those two things made it nearly impossible. I ended up parking way the frig down by the new library, on Queen Street. I didn't get to my meeting until around 5:55, ten minutes after the damn meeting was about to start.

The meeting went well. Two speakers. One person was completing his Competent Communicator designation, and the other was just starting hers, doing what we call the ice breaker. She admitted to having eaten frog's legs and gator tail. I'm told that frog's legs are similar chicken wings but I am not sure if I want to find out. I figure for each set of frog's legs one consumes, there is a frog out there in a little wheel chair pushing himself along from one lily pad to another, all pissed off that some dude had consumed his legs. I know I would be. I wouldn't blame the frog a bit.

Got back home. Patricia was a bit more lucid, after having had some of the cough medicine I just mentioned. She had slept for several hours and I could tell that it had helped her.

I sent off my next column to Frank Magazine several hours ago. Once again, I am trying something different. About 90% of the column is about one story, one that I uncovered and researched by myself. I shared the early drafts with my editor, who provided some feedback that I incorporated in to the next draft. I hope that you check it out when it comes out next week.

Have to get up very early tomorrow morning. Car inspection at 7am. Another long day.

See you tomorrow.


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