Thursday, April 16, 2015

Post 2933 - Thursday


I took my car in for its bi-annual inspection today. I figured it would need some work. I didn't think it would need nearly 1000 dollars worth of work. But it does.

Still does, in fact. They were so busy at the dealership today they didn't have a chance to do the work on the car. So, on my day off, I have to get up as if I were going to work, drive my car in again, leave it there and kill 3 hours or so until it is ready. They are knocking 50 bucks or so off the cost for my inconvenience, but even so.

After the appointment and shelling out that money, I have to make my way back to the house and pick up Patricia. Together we will drive to Dartmouth, there to consult with our tax accountant, in anticipation of sending off the taxes to CRA. 

Patricia is incrementally improving. She was up today and did a bit of laundry. This evening, we watched The Big Bang Theory together and she actually ate something. It will likely stay down this time.

Been a long day. Time to turn in. Another early and long day tomorrow.



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