Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Post 2935 - Checking In (Again!)

Hi again.

Patricia remains very sick. She had another rough night, the... 14th or so in a row.

I haven't been to work all week. I hate to go through vacation and family illness days so early in the fiscal year, but Patricia really should not be on her own.

My days consist of running up and down the stairs to get stuff for Patricia and to keep up my own strength. But since I am calling today and tomorrow vacation days, I feel justified in producing blog posts, so here you are.

It is 6am. I was up until very late and didn't sleep that much once I did turn in. Patricia's coughing, two stories away from where I was sleeping, woke me up, so I dashed upstairs and tried to help her. Then I realized that I am not sure what I can do to help a person who is coughing, not cough. I got her some ice water and another travel tab and came back downstairs. When I saw her at 5:45 she was playing with her tablet and reported to me that she had been doing so since 3am. She will likely crash during the day.

It goes without saying that Patricia is just about all I have left. Our parents are all gone. My sisters... well, I have been warned not to write about them any more, and I am promising not to, but you can read between the lines. My brother died in 1970. Newbie is a cat and only keeps me around because he lacks an opposable thumb or two. So, Patricia is just about it.

I haven't seen her this sick since 2008, when she was hospitalized for 3 weeks and came close to death. I really feel that my place is with her, even though I miss work and am likely trying the patience of people there. Sorry, folks.

I think I will see how she is doing, and then turn in.

See you later.


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