Thursday, April 23, 2015

Post 2936 - Checking In (For The Third Time!)

Hello again, my friends.

It is about 9:50 Thursday night.

Patricia is doing much better. The latest regimen of antibiotics and steroids and rest has begun to pay off. She is able to spend time in the living room again and keep food down. She went to the doctor's yet again today. A three minute visit as her doctor triple and even quadruple books. But I digress. The doctor extended one of her puffers for a few days and is optimistic she can return to work on the 27th. Of course, a week ago, she said that Patricia would be able to return to work on the 20th. Guess what she said the week before that? Eventually, she will be right.

She was doing well enough tonight that she kicked me out of the house to go to the Company House on Gottingen Street, there to see Frank Cameron release his book, "I Owe It All To Rock & Roll (And the CBC)". He told some funny stories, most of which are in the book, apparently. Afterward, he signed the book I bought, writing, "All the best, Bev. Love your column. Frank". Nice to see a fellow Frank Magazine columnist give me a few props.

While there I met some people and got their pictures to add to the list of the dozens of pics I have of local jocks. Got some nice pictures of Wayne Adams, who still wants me to interview him about his amazing career. I met a young lady named Erin Hopkins, who spends her days working in Promotions at C100 and the Bounce, but who does a Sunday shift at Wayne Harrett's Seaside FM, which is a great way for her to get some on air experience. She told me she had read my column and seen most of my interviews. Sweet gal.I got a picture of Doug Barron as well.

I got a few pieces of radio news this evening, or at least a few snippets. I will be following up on them for my next column. One bit of news, if true, will disappoint an awful lot of people, including me. Nothing lasts forever, is all I can say.

I tried to watch the Superbowl a couple of months ago. I was bored out of my mind. No idea what the hell they were doing. They would huddle and throw the ball and advance in the direction they wanted to by this much, and the time would be called after about 3 seconds of play. Occasionally, the ball would go over a certain line and the players would all jump up and down and dance and hug each other in a way that might make their wives worry. I have no idea why that sport would be of interest to anybody anytime anywhere, ever. So I have some sympathy for people who don't get why I found tonight's activities at the Company House so fascinating.

The world is full of people who have different interests and passions. There is no more point in my explaining to these folks why I find the medium of radio so interesting, along with the people who work in it, than there is in their explaining to me the fundamentals of football or whatever their interest or passion is. Let's just accept that tonight was a wonderful evening for me and leave it at that. Okay?

Back to work in the morning. Looking forward to it.

See you tomorrow.


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