Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Post 2942 - Wednesday

Mid week. Finally!

The older I get the quicker the week days go. Of course, the weekends fly by so quickly that they may as well not exist.

Let's see here. Patricia is definitely on the mend. She is breathing much better and while she slept all morning, she was up and about this afternoon and evening. We just finished watching CSI:Cyber together. She had to explain all the scary high tech stuff to me. I'm glad she's around.

I sent my latest column to Frank magazine about 90 minutes ago. Main story is about the latest dismissal in Halifax radio this week. I don't have inside knowledge or anything, but I am confident that this termination will not be the last one  you will see over the next little while. And you will see more layoffs/dismissals/firings once the ratings book actually comes out around the end of May.

It's a little bit funny. When someone gets let go in Halifax radio, people write that person on Facebook for details. If none is forthcoming, they oftentimes write me. It's sweet that they think I know things, but I don't always, folks. But I appreciate the kind thoughts.

I always mention this in my column, but I don't think I have mentioned it here. If you have any radio-related news for me, the best way to get it to me is via my Frank Magazine email address. The second best way is to message me via Facebook. My Frank email contact is right here. Feel free to say hi.

Been up late the last couple of evenings. I think I will turn in early.

Have a good night, my friends. See you tomorrow.


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