Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Post 2947 - Tuesday

My work week is half over.

I have Friday off.

Am I bragging?

Yes. Yes. I am bragging.

How are you this evening? I am fine. I am in a pretty good mood for several reasons, one of them being the fact that my previous Frank column, in the issue that goes OFF sale on Wednesday, was the 9th most read Frank column for the month of April, taking into account the online reads that each page gets that is. It is the first time I have cracked the top 10. I hope it is not the last. Maybe I will some day make the top 5. It is something to aim for.

Patricia finished her second day back to work. At this hour, 8:30, she is resting on the couch in the living room, zonked, exhausted, wiped out. While much better, she tires easily. I am down here in my home office, typing as quietly as possible, so that I don't wake her.

Meanwhile, Newbie is in that chicken box again. For several months he would climb up on top of the entertainment centre and look down on me with a baleful eye. Now, he has gone back to that stupid cardboard box that I do not dare throw out. I am at the other computer desk tonight, so that means he can lay in that box and affix me with a gaze at the back of my head that would singe my hair if he could help it.

I still haven't heard anything about Ron Roberts' funeral. I am checking the obits on a regular basis, and also checking my email address to see if his cousin has written me to give me that information. Nothing yet. When I know, you will know. I promise.

Since Patricia is resting I think I will stay down here and watch some porn check out a television program I don't often get a chance to see. I still have a few more episodes of season one of "Tyrant" to get through, so if you'll excuse me...

See you tomorrow.


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