Monday, May 11, 2015

Post 2952 - TV Stuff


I have several flat screen tv's in the house. There is one here in my home office, directly behind where I am typing these humble, sub par words. I bought it on Black Friday in 2014 at the Superstore across from my work. It had been $249 the night before. The next morning it was $158 with no sales tax, just a 20-something dollar environmental fee. I had to get it.

Then, there is the one I bought from a guy who was moving to Calgary last year. For one price, too low a price in retrospect, I got the 42inch vizio tv, the stand it sat on for years, as well as his satellite radio.

Upstairs, on the main level, is the first flat screen tv I ever bought. It is a pretty-much-no-name 32 inch thing that has a really nice picture but as with many of these cheaper brands, the speakers are of such poor quality that they may as well not even be there, so I bought some Bose speakers for them about 6 months ago.

Lastly, in the main bedroom two levels up from here, there is a 24 inch knock off brand tv that was refurbished when I got it from an electronics store that was shutting down nationally. Got two of them, actually. The first one, which I kept in this home office, pretty much didn't work, so I recycled it because the store was not accepting any returns, no way, no how. The one in the bedroom works and sounds just fine, though, for what it is.

You might think that we watch a lot of television. You would be right-ish. There are shows that we both like. We  just watched the season ender of "Castle", and it was fine. We both like "Orphan Black". Some other shows. And there are shows that Patricia likes that I don't, and vice versa.

I make an effort to keep up on what shows are coming down the pike. Every May, I pay attention to the network upfronts, where they reveal what shows will be offered in the Fall and mid-season. In recent years, many of the networks renew their most popular shows early, and leak what new shows they will be adding, so that the upfront announcements in May are merely a formality.

Fox is officially the first out of the gate. They announced today what new shows they will have in the Fall of 2015 and the Winter of 2016. And they have released official trailers for several of these shows.

I have watched these trailers and will try to embed them for you now.

First up is "Lucifer", about the devil. He gets bored running Hell and decides to move to Los Angeles and solve crimes. That's not going to offend anyone, is it?

Here you go:

I saw the trailer. And I am not impressed. It just looks like a silly crime procedural. I do not think I will bother.

Next is "Grandfathered, starring John Stamos as a middle-aged man who discovers that no only does he have a son, but that son has had a daughter, thereby making him a grandfather when he didn't know he was a father.

I giggled during the trailer and look forward to trying it out when it starts up.

"The Grinder" stars Rob Lowe who plays a lawyer on a show called The Grinder. After 8 seasons, the show is canceled, and the now-out-of-work actor must find his way. He stumbles into becoming a lawyer, working with his brother, played by Fred Savage.

The show looks like a scream. I can't wait to watch this.

"Minority Report" is based on the dopey Tom Cruise movie of 2002 that I can barely remember, which is in turn based on a Phillip K. Dick story that I have never read.

I think that a minority of people will watch this show. I will not be in that minority.

"The Frankenstein  Code" stars the guy who was the library cop on that old episode of Seinfeld. He plays an old man, a retired police chief, who is murdered and is brought back as a younger, stronger version of himself, who retains his memories and experience and solves crimes.

This looks like a lot of fun.

Lastly, "Rosewood" stars the guy who played a drug kingpin on The Good Wife. This time he plays a brilliant pathologist who has a fatal vulnerability and who is at least as full of himself as Dr. House.

I like the actors. I may check it out.

The other networks will be revealing their offerings in the next few days. If you like, I can discuss that stuff here. Let me know if you give a dang.

How many of these shows will you check out?

See you tomorrow.


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