Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Post 2954 - Wednesday

Very late. Turning in shortly.

Patricia had a Pilates class after work. I had to hang around my work until 7:25 so I could pick her up. That was fine. I had to finish my latest Frank column. But that was thwarted because my Facebook blew up because a mentally ill guy took exception to something I had written earlier this week and decided to take me to task for it.

This went on for hours. I know about his issues so I let him state his silly comments. But when he possibly threatened the wife of a local radio jock, things got very hairy, very quickly. Gary Tredwell was also taken to task for something he did not do.

This guy is bitter and angry because he couldn't get any radio work. Even PD's show offered to explain to him why they wouldn't dare give him work were refused this offer. He goes around blaming everyone for his failures without once looking into the mirror and pointing a finger at the reflection.

Sad, really.

The thread was deleted around 7:15, but I have screen grabs for my records.

In other news,I have found yet another source for magazines. I have been stockpiling them to take them into my late mother's retirement home. I will have that many more magazines tomorrow when I spend my lunch hour driving to someone's house to pick them up. Or maybe I can build a tree fort with them, after I wait 20 years for a tree to go in my back yard.

I figure if they don't want them, I can drop them off to any doctor's office. I have always wondered where they got their stacks of old magazines from. Maybe it is from people like me who hate to see something like that go to waste. Who knows?

I guess I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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