Thursday, May 14, 2015

Post 2955 - Thursday

Let's see here.

I got my latest Frank column out the door late Wednesday evening. My editor asked for some more information about a couple of topics today and I provided said information. The column will go live on Monday morning. Once again, there will be information in this column that will be unavailable anywhere else.

I can't remember if I have mentioned this here before or not. I probably have. Long day and all. But my Frank column about the dismissal of Paula Breckon was the 9th most-read column in Frank Magazine for the month of April. Well, it was if you look at web pages read. There is no way of knowing how many people read a given article in the printed version of Frank. A few people tell me they read my column while waiting to pay for their groceries in. On the one hand, I am glad they read the column. On the other hand, these cheap so and so's should be buying the issue, taking it home and reading it. If they have family members who want to read my column, each such person should buy his or her own copy and enjoy the thrill of reading a copy of the magazine that has been untouched by another human being. It is a unique experience and I want more people to know what it feels like. If that ends up selling more copies of the magazine, then that is a happy byproduct and nothing else.

I picked up a boatload of magazines during my lunch hour today. A man in Dartmouth offered me "about 100" magazines. He revised the estimate a day later to state it might be "closer to 200". I agreed. Fine. No problemo. I get there today around 12:20. He comes to the door with a huge clear plastic bag with magazines in it. He tells me he is worried that the bag might burst before it gets to my car, but the short trip from his front door to the back door of my car results in no mishap.

That was bag one.

He went back into his house and returned with a second bag. I carried it, if I recall. He went back inside and got a third bag. By the time it was done, there were five huge bags full of magazines. I am surprised my car did not complain from all the extra weight in it.

I returned to work and leafed through the contents of one of the garbage bags before I returned to my desk. This one had lots of sports-related mags, suitable to the men who live in my late mother's nursing home. I had never heard of "Sportsnet" before.

After work, I spent 45 minutes transferring the magazines to cloth grocery bags. The final plastic bag did burst, spilling its contents on my driveway. Those ended up in a green plastic shopping bin.

I haven't counted them, but there are easily 300 magazines there. I am very grateful to this man for all of this reading material. It will not go to waste, sir.

It is 9:20. I want to spend some time trying to get and usenet-crawler working before The Blacklist starts.

See you tomorrow.


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