Monday, May 18, 2015

Post 2956 - Monday


Remember me?

I am sorry I haven't written in the last few days. Friday night, my body shut down around 8pm. On Saturday, Patricia and I drove to the Valley for the better part of the day. That evening, I sat down dutifully to produce a blog post, but my Internet connection got flaky. It remained that way through the better part of Sunday. By the time it came back up, it was getting late and I had fallen asleep again.

Today I took a bunch of comics in to a store in downtown Halifax for quick sale. I didn't want them any more. By the end of the week I will have forgotten what the books even were. Cal played an interesting game with me. After he had gone through the books, he wrote a number down on a sticky note and place the bad face down. He asked me what number I had in mind for the comics. I told him I knew that he wanted to sell the books for a profit and that I therefore had to keep a small number in mind. I also said I would never get back anything close to what I had spend on the comics in the first place. He assured me that if I chose a number smaller than what he had written down, I would still get that number (the one he had written down).

I quoted a number. He smiled, flipped over the sticky note and showed me a number that was considerably more than what I had just stated. I was happy, and so was he. I mean, I suppose I could have quoted a number higher than what he had written down. I don't know what he would have said then. Maybe I will find out, because I have more comics to take in next week.

I grabbed a couple slices of pizza on the way home. Patricia and I munched on the za until I had to go back outside for something. A neighbour was on the shared front lawn, holding some puppies. I told Patricia, who ran outside and played with the 6 puppies as well.

After that was over, we went back inside and finished watching that Netflix show that stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. Okay show, but the title is so forgettable that I have to keep looking it up. I just did. It is called "Grace and Frankie". I will forget the title by the end of this blog post.

This evening I spent a couple hours trying to get working. I got it configured, but every time I try to download something it either times out or throws up its hands and says the show is outside of the server's retention period (which should be in excess of 2400 days!). I will figure it out in the next day or so. Probably something stupid.

Another long weekend is over. Back to work in the morning. I can hardly wait.

"Grace and Frankie".

See you tomorrow.


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