Friday, May 22, 2015

Post 2959 - Friday

Sorry I didn't write last night. I started watching "Wayward Pines", and before I knew it, I was dozing off. I know you missed me.

Today I was out of the office for a one day course overview of a new software product. I had limited access to technology today, except for my very old Android phone.

We got back to the office around 3:30, and I left for the day an hour later. When Patricia got to the car, we drove to the Salvation Army store on Strawberry Hill Drive. We had never been there before. I got a couple of books and Patricia got a couple of items.

We decided to go to the Value Village in Bayers Lake as well. I did very well there, bookwise. I got a history of the CBC written by the late Knowlton Nash, and signed by him as well. I got a more modern copy of Janet Fitz's book about the Halifax explosion and another one about the 250 year history of the Halifax fire service. There have been reports lately about the proposed shutting of some fire detachments. Much hue and cry. But such things are hardly new. Queen Street in the South End has a funny-looking building next to the cemetary. It used to be a firehouse, and is now a private residence. I remember it being a convenience store. And McKelvie's seafood restaurant downtown, where Patricia and I had our first date by the way, was also a fire detachment many years ago. Anyway, I will enjoy looking through this book.

We got back home a couple of hours ago. I sat down to this computer and discovered once again that it had pretty much hung on me again. The OS I put on to it several months ago is letting me down all the time. I really should put Linux Mint or something on it, but it would mean re-installing all my apps, and Plex and Sonarr and everything else.

There is an episode of the Big Bang Theory in which Sheldon looks forward to spending a relaxing evening at home updating the OS on his computer.  The laugh track comes on. Ha ha ha. Most people would have had no idea what that entailed, or cared. For me, it is a time consuming chore to configure a given computer the way I want it, and I put it off as long as I possibly can.

Tomorrow should be an adventure. I look forward to telling you about it then.

See you then.


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