Sunday, May 24, 2015

Post 2961 - Sunday


Slept in this morning, as is my wont. I had been up fairly late Saturday night. I wrote my blog post about the horrid Ada McCallum article in Saturday's paper. I sat in my good-for-nothing chair watching youtube videos on my HD TV (courtesy of my Roku 3 media player). Then, Newbie curled up on my lap, and fell asleep. I wasn't long behind him.

After we got up, I made breakfast. Around 12:30, we went to Patricia's storage unit in Bayer's Lake, to start the process (long delayed) of moving her stuff to the house and to the shed in the back yard. We did 2 round trips today, using both of our cars. By 3:30, we were back inside the house, our backs sore, and wanting to take it easy.

My internet connection has been flaky for the last several hours, so we had to content ourselves watching some stuff through Plex, which streams things wirelessly from a hard drive in my home office to any of the HD tv's in the house. Doesn't need the internet to work, just the wireless network. We elected to catch up on "Finding Carter", the MTV show in its sophomore year, which is rapidly running out of things to say. First season was terrific, though. Then, we watched the leaked-online pilot for this fall's Supergirl. Patricia wasn't impressed. I liked it a lot. But I still wonder why it will be on CBS, when it clearly belongs with most of the rest of the DC shows on the CW. (Yes, I know that CBS co-owns the CW). I am not sure if there will be enough people who want to see a show like that on the network that has given us 14 different CSI's, 12 NCIS's, and a few Criminal Minds. Time will tell.

I am not sure what to say about these shows being leaked online. In the case of Supergirl, there are no watermarks on the screen indicating who owns the thing. It is a very high quality download. I think that someone at CBS leaked this show to whet our appetites for when it is broadcast in 6 months. Based upon what I saw this evening, they will need those 6 months to get enough of a stockpile of shows in the can, because they are very FX intensive.

Anyway, I think I will work on my next Frank column before turning in.

See you tomorrow, my friends.


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