Monday, May 25, 2015

Post 2962 - A Great Deal

9:39. I will turn in relatively shortly.


The lawn tractor down in the Valley is not working. The battery is fine; that was tested. I can hook it up to a set of booster cables attached to my car battery, and the lawn tractor will turn over, but not keep running once I detach the cables. I don't know what is wrong, but the cost of fixing the lawn tractor is more than I can manage presently.

Enter kijiji.

I started looking for an electric lawn mower last week. Today, I found one, plus a pretty decent whipper snipper thingy, for a total of 50 bucks. 50 bucks for both items. We checked it out after work. The lawn mower worked fine. The snipper had no string in it, but the motor runs well and I think it will be a perfectly acceptable device once we figure out how to replace the cap that holds the string. It is one of those things where you probably have to press down on the cap while turning it counter clockwise and reciting the Lord's prayer in its original Aramaic. I will figure it out, replace the string, and rejoice in having a decent lawn mower and whipper snipper for a price that makes me happy.

I was so happy tonight that I happily mowed the lawn this evening. I happily filled up a clear garbage bag with back issues of the Comics Buyer's Guide from many years ago in anticipation of its going out in the recyling tomorrow. And I very happily ate the pizza that Patricia prepared.

I love a good deal. I love a bargain. I love getting an advantage. And I think I will love my new lawn mower. Heck, I may not even bother to get the lawn tractor repaired.


You never know.

See you tomorrow, my friends.


PS. I had originally written that the Lord's Prayer was in Hebrew the first going off, but of course I was wrong. My friend and constant reader A.J. Thomas corrected me. The Lord's Prayer was originally written in Aramaic. Maybe that is why I can't remove the darn cap from the whipper snipper string holder thingy! Thanks and continued best wishes, A.J.!! Come back to Nova Scotia. We need you.

PPS. Well, actually, the Lord's Prayer would have been recited in Aramaic but recorded by biblical scholars in Greek. But since I was reciting the Lord's Prayer last night whilst trying to remove the cap that holds the string for the whipper snipper thingy, I thought I'd be a purist and try Aramaic. Hebrew wasn't cutting it, as I originally wrote.

PPPS. I mean, I could recite the Lord's Prayer in Hebrew, but there is just something lost when you do that. The original Aramaic has an aspect to it that is lost in translation to Hebrew or even English. You just haven't lived until you have recited the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic.

PPPPS. Let's start a "Recite the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic" club in Halifax. Good way to meet the ladies!

PPPPPS. I am still thinking about this Aramaic thing. If I recited the Lord's Prayer in its "original" Aramaic, would it be in  Ancient Aramaic, Post-Achaemenid Aramaic, Late Old Eastern Aramaic, Late Old Western Aramaic, Middle Aramaic, or Western Middle Aramaic? I suppose it might be in the Aramaic that Jesus would have spoken, which Biblical scholars think would have been a unique Galilean dialect, the common language of Judea in the first century AD. So, it's settled. When I try to remove the cap from the whipper snipper thingy so that I can get to the string and replenish it, I will press down on the cap, turn it counter clockwise, and recite the Lord's Prayer using the Galilean dialect of Aramaic from the first century AD, the one from Judea. It's my favourite version anyway.

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