Saturday, May 30, 2015

Post 2966 - Saturday

It is late. Nearly midnight. I will turn in shortly.

I went to that Toastmasters thing today. I left the house around 9am. I grabbed something to eat along the way. And I was there at CFB Greenwood before 10am. I was there before Heather Perkins was, and I teased her about it. Heather is a legend in NS Toastmasters, having joined her first club at least 35 years ago. She is a fellow Valley girl, coming from a tiny community outside Canning called Woodside. I believe her old one-room schoolhouse is still there.

Anyway, the session started around 10:30 and finished some 4 hours later. I drove to Guy's Frenchy's and got there around 3pm. I browsed, but didn't see anything that told me to buy it, so I went into New Minas before I drove to Canning and got a few victuals and returned to the the house, 8 hours or so after I left it. I have spent the evening watching stuff on youtube and netflix. At 10pm, I watched "Orphan Black".

As I mentioned it is nearly midnight. Tomorrow, with some reluctance, I will return to the city for another work week. Valley weekends are pretty good. I wish they occurred more often.

You guys have a good evening. I will see thee on the morrow.


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