Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Post 2970 - Wednesday

Well, I feel good tonight. I have acomplished something. I have taught several people the meaning of "penultimate".

Also, a few people today have called me "Benito".

In other news, after TM this evening, I picked up Patricia from her Pilates course and together we drove to an apartment in Clayton Park. A couple there were selling a used 32" flatscreen television, the perfect size for the cottage.

My only misgiving was that they mentioned that the power button was sometimes flakey. From time to time, it would not work. They said that the remedy was to hold down the power button for several seconds, and that it should correct itself. They demonstrated that to my satisfaction so I gave them the money, which was not much money at all. It is a solid tv and it was not expensive. Should last us a few  years.

There are two HDMI inputs on the tv, and a couple composite/rca inputs, and a single component input. There is a big online discussion as to what is better, hdmi or component when you are at 720p. This is a full 1080p television, so I will thank you to keep that discussion out of here. The media player we keep at the cottage will look very nice indeed when we hook it up to this television next week. Can hardly wait to get there. We don't have cable, or satellite, or an internet connection down there. So having a media player hooked up via hdmi to an hd tv will make things much better than using the crt-based tv we have had there up to this point.

I will be taking 3 days off work next week to go to the cottage with Patricia. She has a conference or something to attend in New Glasgow. Rather than stay in a hotel there for two nights, she has opted to commute to and from the cottage, about a 45 minute drive one way. I will have those days to myself, but reality will intrude and I will have to mow the lawn or whatever, depending on the weather. But I will spend as much time watching this television as possible.

I look forward to those days off.

Monday will be my penultimate day before those days off. Friday the 5th will be my antepenultimate work day before the mini vacation. Don't ask me what I will call tomorrow, other than Thursday.

See you tomorrow.

Benito Bevboy

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