Thursday, June 4, 2015

Post 2971 - Thursday

Thursday night. Freshly showered and shaven. Newbie awaits me, tapping his paw on the floor and looking up at me with that cat-look of his.

Been a long day. But it is one day closer to the weekend. Then, I work Monday and Tuesday and then I am off for the balance of the week. Very much looking forward to those days off at the cottage.

I wasn't planning to, but I may go to the Valley this weekend after all. I have a tv stand down there that was in my mother's room. After she died, Patricia and I agreed that it would look nice at the cottage, once we got a big screen tv to put on it. That happened last evening, as you will recall from reading last night's post.

That tv stand came with another big screen tv I got last summer. I didn't need the stand, so I offered it to my mother, who gratefully accepted it. It is too good to throw out, and the stand that is at the cottage is not designed to hold anything bigger than a 20 inch crt-based television. We will get rid of the tv down there this summer, and almost certainly toss the stand, as well.

Anyway, before I can go out of town at all, I have to get through one more day of work. And tomorrow will be an interesting day to say the least. I look forward to its being over.

People are asking me to explain the meaning of "antepenultimate". Well, you can google the damn word, but assuming you are all thumbs, then I will help you. It is the 3rd to the last in a sequence. So, "X" is the antepenultimate letter of the alphabet.

Not hard at all. I am sorry that I do not have an appropriate university Spanish class anecdote to help you recall the word. If you have one, please proffer it.

Oh, one other thing that's kind of neat. Two people at my work have purchased the current issue of Frank Magazine and asked me to sign it for them. Page 24 is where my column starts this ish, and I have signed that page for two different folks. I will sign it for anybody else who buys it and wants me to sign it for them. Please buy many, many copies and tell your newsagent that you just love my column. Or, let my editor know how you feel about the column. Please, however, know the difference between "stupid" and "stupdendous". Thank you.

Here is how you can write my editor and say hello.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.


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