Sunday, June 7, 2015

Post 2973 - Sunday


I didn't write on Saturday. I apologize for that. After "Orphan Black" was over, there was no way I could stay awake, so I dozed off.

Saturday was busy. I drove to the Valley by myself. I checked out the Wolfville Farmer's Market, which never takes very long, but took even a shorter period of time yesterday because 8 or so wineries were in one room showcasing their wares, with an emphasis on the Tidal Bay brand of wine. Patricia would have been in her element and likely would have purchased one bottle from each winery, purely in the interest of science of course.

They didn't have any fiddleheads at the market, so I drove to the nearby grocery store in Wolfville, where they had a few packages left on half price. I got them all. And a day and a half later, I have had my fill of fiddleheads for another year. But I digress.

I then drove to New Minas and got yet more fiddleheads; these ones will go to the freezer for a later date.

I finally got to the house shortly after 11. I had an early lunch. Surfed the web for a bit. Verified that I could indeed access the contents of my Plex libraries here in Halifax, down there. Loaded up the car with that afore-mentioned tv stand. And around 1:15 I left the house and drove back to the city.

There was a near monsoon as I was driving back. I probably should have stayed in the Valley, but got back here around 2:30 anyway. I have been close to home ever since.

Today was about cleaning up some stuff, and watching a couple shows. I have had my shower and my shave and am ready for another week of work, although it is only 2 days of work, actually, because I am off for 3 days this week. I promise to think about you while I am at the cottage. But not in a creepy way, I promise..

I guess I will let you go for now. You have a good evening and I will talk at ya tomorrow.


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