Monday, June 8, 2015

Post 2974 - One To Go

Monday evening.

My work week is half over. This time tomorrow I will be facing 3 vacation days right in the kisser.

Patricia's work thing begins Wednesday afternoon. I have decided that since I have to finish my latest Frank column by Wednesday night, that I will remain in the city that day and do so. I will drive up to Pictou County Thursday morning, knowing that the column in done so that I can enjoy some days off without guilt.

As for the blog: there will be content each day. I am not sure in what form but there will be stuff every day. Maybe if you have a suggestion you can let me know. Maybe I will bring up the topic of metaphors again. It's been a while. Maybe by discussing them, I can confront that fear and exorcise it. I mean, there is a name for every other fear for every other item in the world. What do you call "fear of metaphors", anyway? "Metaphorophobia" doesn't have the necessary lilt.

As things stand, I will probably have to spend the better part of a day down there mowing the lawn. I do not look forward to that.

Say, last week Patricia bought some of those frozen President's Choice bison burgers. We figured if they were good enough for Obama, they were good enough for us. Grilled them tonight. It was as if the bisons, upon their deaths, collapsed on a salt lick and were stored there until they could be refrigerated 3 weeks later, as a means of preserving their flesh. Very disappointing. I wonder if Obama's doctors know he eats that crap and is recommending that Canadians consume it as well? I know that some Americans read this blog every day. I hope they write their members of congress and tell them what POTUS is doing. For shame, sir.

I think I should do something to drain the salt from my body so that I can go back to drinking water.  So, if you'll excuse me...

See you tomorrow.


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