Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Post 2976 - Wednesday

Day one of my vacation is nearly over. I just wish I could say I had much to show for it.

Patricia left for the work thing in Pictou County this morning. She is now safely ensconced at the cottage, likely about to turn in, because she has to get up and work tomorrow.

Me? I will get up Thursday morning and pack a few things and wash the dishes and find a way to sneak Newbie into his carrier. That is always fun.

In anticipation of going to the cottage  myself, I am copying some movies and tv shows to a portable drive. I began this hours ago, but the copying crapped out on another drive, and it is now toast. If I were running Windows, I could just run chkdsk/f and it would make the drive useful again. But I am running Linux and can't remember what the equivalent command is there. I will look it up after I finish this blog post. When I get to work on Monday morning, the boys who know this thing as a matter of course will make fun of me for having to take 30 seconds to look up the answer, because they just know. And I will begin to cry. So,thanks, guys. Thanks a lot.

Newbie has been all over me tonight. I am sure he realizes that Patricia is not here and that he had better be attentive to his remaining human. That will stop the moment I try to put him in his carrier. No more Mr. Nice Cat.

I sent in my latest column to Frank this afternoon. This will either be my best column, or my worst. I am too close to the material to be objective. Just giving you a heads up.

I guess I will turn in. Busy day tomorrow.

See you then.


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