Saturday, June 13, 2015

Post 2978 - Saturday

Getting late. Will turn in shortly.

Normally, at this moment, I would be watching this week's "Orphan Black". But as Patricia remains at the cottage, minus any kind of way to watch the show, I will postpone seeing it until we are both in Halifax on the morrow. Probably in the afternoon.

So, I went to some of those yard sales this morning. Some. The early morning weather interfered with many vendors' plans. But I did get a few neat things. I got a large plastic container full of computer parts, including an older-but-working flatscreen monitor and a couple keyboards and the like. It is nice to have a back up to the equipment I already have. Not that you care or anything.

I got a couple books, including one by Laurent d'Entremont, a Pubnico guy who appears on Information  Morning once a month and is a hoot. The book is signed  by him, so I got a deal. Got a Marvel comics hardcover for 50 cents and an Uncle John Bathroom book about (ice) hockey for another 50 cents. I got a wall clock and a can opener for $1.50. The can opener can replace the piece of crap one I have at my work. I bought it at the Bargain! Shop a few years ago. They had two models there, and I got the cheaper one, to my ever lasting regret. This new-to-me one looks much better. And the wall clock, once I put a battery in it this afternoon, works very well.

I got a crockpot for 2 dollars. I got a power bar that was fairly pricey originally, for another toonie. Where I got these last two things, is open every Saturday. The husband goes through foreclosed properties and cleans out items that would otherwise go to a landfill. I am not sure if he pays for them or not, but he gets them with the permission of the displaced people, who stand idly by and watch him go through their stuff, which they have abandoned already. The hubby brings the stuff home, and he and the wife turn around and sell it. They had a lot of stuff there, including stereo equipment, many dvd players, a couple breadmakers (one with the instructions still tucked away inside it), and very much else. I think I will go back there soon, now that I know where it is.

By this time, the money I had set aside for my excursions was pretty much spent, and I had got everything I wanted, so I drove to New Minas and got some stuff for lunch and visited my older sister for a few minutes. I returned to the house and ate my lunch and watched some Netflix and have had a quiet, uneventful day. Now, I have Sirius/XM on, tuned to the 1940's music channel that I listen to more than I have a right to, before I turn in and try to get some sleep. I just hope that Newbie doesn't keep me awake half the night the way he did last night.

Oh, one thing I nearly forgot to tell you. This morning I tried to do a good deed. While driving around the Starr's Point loop, I encountered a lost dog, bounding ahead of me and running across the road and back again. I would toot my horn to alert oncoming traffic. A couple of times I tried to get the dog, but it would run off. I could see it wearing a collar, so I can only hope its owners tracked it down, and that the dog is alive and well. I know I worry about trifles sometimes, but it is the fate of pets that really upsets me. I will try to find out if the dog is okay. I will sleep better knowing it is safe and sound.

Guess I will go do that. You have a good evening and I will see you tomorrow.


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