Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Post 2982 - Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday.

Tonight was to have been a Toastmasters night for me, the last meeting before our annual Summer vacation, which lasts until after Labour Day. However, only 4 people had agreed to attend the meeting, so I threw my hands up and canceled it. Sigh.

This time tomorrow night, so around 10pm, I hope to be at the cottage. There will be a new fridge and stove delivered sometime on Friday. Also, the lawn has to be mowed. And I have to take down there the hdtv I acquired a couple of weeks ago. We only have a crt-based tv down there now, and I refuse to spend another summer down there without some kind of hd television. This one is a 32 inch 1080p thing. I have read the online articles. They all say over and over that 1080p is wasted on a person unless the television is 46 inches or so, and you are situated a few meters away from the thing. And it's Tuesday. Prior to the Spring Equinox. So, this 32 inch tv, having a full 1080p, will likely have its greater picture quality go unnoticed.

720p is the most, most people will ever need, so I wonder how much 4K will catch on with the public. Eastlink Cable broadcasts its HD at 720p, but it is a compressed 720p. It still looks really good.

Anyway, we can get rid of that old television down there this summer. Looking forward to that.

After work this evening, and after dinner, I decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. There is a park bench a couple of streets over. Duck swim along the river and alight by the bench because they expect humans to give them some food. Next time.

Got back here, farted around with Sonaar, which is acting up again. When it works it works great. When it craps out, it is as frustrating as anything else that doesn't work. I am glad I have a couple of days off coming up.

You guys don't care about my plight, do you? Gee, thanks.

See you tomorrow. I'm a little hurt and need a good cry.


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