Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Post 2986 - A Eureka Evening

Past 11. Turning in soon.

Got home late tonight. Patricia wanted to drive around to some local garden centres to find some seedlings. This evening, while dinner was in the oven, I cleared a path in the middle bedroom to the thing that she uses to nurture those seedlings before they go into the thing in the backyard that the seedlings go into to grow into the vegetables we know and love.

While I was making that room, I found a long-ago published broadsheet magazine, that focused on the local media. Lots of articles about the radio and tv broadcasters of the mid 1990's. Imagine, Ron Kronstein with hair. Steve Murphy, before he got so gray. Don Tremaine, when he was only in his late 60's. I am not sure how many copies of this periodical exists. There can't be very many.

I also found a paperback book I bought in 1995. It is called "Is There Life After High School?" Another book I had long-ago misplaced. It is about some people who had achieved great things, like Henry Kissinger, Ann Margret, Hugh Hefner, and how those building blocks started for them, in high school. Some of these people were popular. Others, like Kissinger, ate their lunch alone every day. Those building blocks were built for him, more than they were by him.

I have thought about this book a great deal over the years. I am delighted that I have re-located it, and look forward to re-reading it.

I have stated it before. I will again, now. Anyone who looks back fondly on high school, or thinks it was more good than bad, has a cock-eyed perspective on things. My 3 years of junior high school at King's County Academy in Kentville, Nova Scotia, were easily the worst 3 years of my life. Nothing has ever come close to that period in terms of misery, of unhappiness, of near despair. My 3 years of senior high at Cornwallis District High were better, but were by no means perfect. They were better only relative to my junior high years. And don't get me started on the teachers. Many of them were sadistic, demented so-and-so's.

I hope you read Ralph Keyes' "Is There Life After High School?". Highest recommendation.

My next Frank column is shaping up nicely. Wrote a draft during my lunch hour and have been polishing it tonight. I have a follow up to a major radio story from 20 years ago. I hope you will like it.

Guess that is it for tonight. See you tomorrow, my friends.


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