Friday, June 26, 2015

Post 2989 - Friday


I write these words at the family home in the Valley. I got here about 7:45. The lawn was crazy tall, so I spent 30 minutes or so mowing the front part. I will do the rest tomorrow. I am in for the evening.

I've got CBC radio on next to me. They're re-re-rerunning "The Bugle and the Passing Bell", a series about Canada's contribution to World War One. Originally run in 1964, they dusted it off, edited it down to 1 hour episodes, and added some bridging material. Pretty good, but I would love to hear the original series from 50 years ago.

Tonight, they have hinted that they will discuss the final person to be shot and killed in WWI. I know that his name was Lawrence Price. He was a Canadian. And the man who taught me to drive was his great-nephew.

Lawrence was from this area. Fighting overseas on November 11, 1918, minutes before the Armistice, a German shot and killed him. To this day, his grave is tended by the locals. Here. Read about him.

Says that Lawrence was from Church Street. I wonder if the house he grew up in, is still there?

The man who taught me to drive, Frankie Price, once received a mailing from the federal government that was about his great uncle. When Frankie died in 2007, his nephew inherited the property and the documents I just mentioned.

This guy, also named Lawrence, sold the property to a neighbour, who in turn sold it to the man who lives there now. This fellow keeps to himself in a way that would make J.D. Salinger and Steve Ditko take notes.

I guess I will finish listening to this show on the radio and turn in. Lots of mowing tomorrow.

See you then.


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