Sunday, June 28, 2015

Post 2990 - Sunday


Sorry I didn't write on Saturday. The internet connection down in the Valley went away. It never came back no matter how many times I rebooted the router. It was still down this afternoon when I returned to the city.

I got done most of what I had to get done, this weekend. The lawn, which I would have to braid had I not cut it, has been taken care of. I whipper snipped most of the areas that needed it. And I was able to watch some tv shows that had been piling up on a thumb drive, thanks to the media player I keep down there. I had a quiet, restful weekend. I needed it. I deserved it. And now I am hours away from another work week.

Tomorrow morning, around 10 or so, the latest issue of Frank Magazine hits the 'net. My latest column is in there, and I hope that you decide to check it out. My column had so much material this time that I had to hold back a piece for my next column in 2 weeks. Nice to have something to start with.

I guess that is it, ladies and germs. You have a good evening and I will talk at ya tomorrow.


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