Monday, June 29, 2015

Post 2991 - Bevboy Contest!!

Long day. Turning in shortly. Like I say I will every night.

Not sure why, but I was bushed by the end of my work day. We ended up going to Costco, where one has no choice but to buy 5 of any particular item. We got home at 7. I fell asleep in front of my tv, which only further solidifies the impression I have that I am rapidly becoming my father. How long will it be before I yell at the kids to get off my lawn?

Newbie was awaiting us, so I fed him before I retired to my recliner. After he ate, he jumped on top of me, kneaded my flesh until it was tender enough for him to plop on, which means I was screaming at the top of my lungs as he pierced my epidermal layer, and then he plopped on me. Within a few minutes, we were both asleep.

Finally ate dinner around 9:15. Now, an hour+ later, he rests next to me at this computer desk, anxiously waiting for me to turn in for the evening.

This blog will soon hit post #3000. I want to do something different, or rather, to revisit something I have done a couple of times before. I want to do ... "the alphabet game".

As you long-time readers may recall, it is when I get one of my 4.7 readers to suggest a topic. Another reader suggests a letter of the alphabet. Then, I tell a story about that topic, using sentences starting with successive letters of the alphabet. So, if you suggested "cement mixing" and "Q", I would start a post whose first sentence started with a word that starts with "Q". Then, the first word of the next sentence would start with "R". And so on, until I have cycled through the alphabet.

We are running out of time. The contest starts now and concludes on July 6th. Send your suggestions to me at this email address, or via replies to this post, or via tweets or by way of comments on my Facebook mentioning this post.

So, a letter, and a subject. I pick the ones I like most and produce magic.

Get to work. Now!

See you tomorrow.


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