Monday, July 6, 2015

Post 2997 - Quickly Noted

Hi. My internet is acting up this evening. I have had to reset the modem several times now. I expect it will crap out again.

Yes, I know that Stan Carew died today. I will be writing at some length about him in my next Frank column.

And I also know about Brian Warschick's death. I was largely unaware of his radio career, being mostly familiar with his life as a regional councillor for a number of years. I will be writing about him, as well.

Had a busy day otherwise. Sold a bunch of old comics today and gleaned enough from the sale to fill my gas tank, buy me a new pair of running shoes, pay off the young man who mowed my lawn over the weekend, and still have some a bit left. Of course, I do not want to think too much about what comics I lost. The reality is that I would never have read them again. Time to sell them and let someone else enjoy them.

Got home. Dragged two extremely large and heavy bags full of old magazines and newspapers and the like. They're out on the front deck and will go to the curb in the morning. Same with the pile of broken-down-and-lashed-together cardboard boxes I dragged down stairs.

Like I said, a long day, and a very sad one if you're at all into radio.

See you tomorrow.


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