Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Post 2998 - Tuesday

Once again, the internet connection is flakey here at home. Driving me crazy. Something must be done about it, and soon.

I must type quickly.

Okay. Another long day. After work, though, Patricia and I grabbed dinner at Tarek's Cafe on Robie Street, in the strip mall across from CTV. I had only been there once before, it was Patricia's first time.

We ordered what they call the half and half, which meant something quite a bit different when I was younger and single, but to them means a shwarma plate with both chicken and beef on it. We shared an order, and we loved it. We are looking forward to going back.

On the way out, I told one of the servers that the meal wasn't just good; it wasn't just some good; it wasn't just right some good; it was right some jeazly good, 'by. That is the highest compliment a person can pay another person in Nova Scotia. And you all know that.

We left. Drove home. Discovered that a bag of the things I threw out to the curb this morning had been left on the curb because, gosh, it was just too heavy for the boys to lift, and the bag broke anyway. We stuffed the materials in to 2 bags and I put them in the shed until the next time we are here for a recycling day, which is not for 4 weeks, alas as we are on vacation.

My internet connection has crapped out twice whilst writing this post. My god, this is frustrating. Fibre op, here I come!

See you tomorrow, my friends.


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