Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Post 2999 - Finally!

I am getting fibre op internet and television installed in the house. Will be taking a vacation day on Tuesday to get this done.

Long overdue. Fully admit this. The old dsl connection crashed on me during the day; thee modem internet light was off when I got home tonight, messing up some downloads that got suddenly aborted. Fun times.

With the package we're getting, we will have full fibre op internet, with really fast downloads and good uploads. The tv will be HD and will include a pvr that can be addressed by all the other tv's in the house. And the existing phone connection will remain as is.

I can hardly wait for this. My patience with the dsl-based connection is gone.

Oh, the modem we're getting next week? Comes with new accounts, but represents a hundred dollar upgrade to existing customers. 802.11ac modem with 4 ethernet connections on the back, so the two desktops in this home office plus the two NAS devices will all be used.

Tuesday, sometime between 8 and 5, we can say a loud goodbye to the dsl connection here. Can hardly wait.

In other news, my latest (greatest?) column to Frank has been sent in. Once again, I have information in there you cannot get anywhere else, including some exclusive Stan Carew anecdotes. Look for that column in the new Frank that comes out on Monday.

You guys have a good night. See you tomorrow for... post 3000! Remember, it will be the alphabet game, so if you have any last minute suggestions, send them in!


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