Sunday, July 12, 2015

Post 3003 - Sunday

Sunday evening. 9:25. Wanna get this out the door so that I can watch "The Strain" at the top of the hour. By the way, that show is not about a guy who eats cheese for a living.

So, Saturday morning, a day and a half ago, right after Weekend Mornings was over (part one of the tribute to Stan Carew) I told Patricia that it might be fun to get strawberries in the Valley that day. She was elated. Which means that she was happy, just in case someone from Cape Breton is reading this.

Just in case we got back late, before I set the alarm, I turned on the outside light. We piled in the car and drove to Wolfville. We decided to go to the Farmer's Market in Wolfville, which is a strange thing unto itself. The Wolfville Farmer's Market, with all due respect, is the perfect size for me. It takes me less time to decide whether to go to the Wolfville Farmer's Market than it does to go to the Wolfville Farmer's Market, so we almost always just go.

We got lunch in town at Rosie's Restaurant, which is in the same facility as Paddy's Pub. Mom and I; Patricia and I; and Mom, Patricia and I, have all had good meals there over the years. I cannot think of a single time I ordered something that left me disappointed. We all thought and think that it is better than the Kenvtille Paddy's Pub/Rosie's outlet.

After lunch, we went to the Box of Delights bookstore. The Deep  Roots Festival rents space downstairs, and we learned that early bird tickets were available for sale, which included a special Thursday night show featuring Matt Anderson playing at University Hall on the Acadia campus. We got weekend passes, again, so we will have to book off part of Thursday that week in September as well.

We then wandered down to the Wolfville Animal Hospital, where they keep rescue cats. We played with them for a few minutes. One cat was so big and heavy he would make Newbie look like a new-born kitten. One cat was 15 years old and put on a show for us. It knew on some level that its chances of being adopted out were slim. Heart breaking.

Our day was getting away from us. We found a place to pick berries, Stirling's to be exact. Only two boxes per box. We picked 10 boxes, found a full box in a row that someone had left behind, so Patricia was out 22 dollars. All but one box reside in the freezer now, thanks for asking.

We went to the family home. Put the boxes in the fridge. Rested a spell. I grabbed a box full of science fiction books I have promised to some people on freecycle and put them in the car, along with the berries. This was about 6pm.

We returned to Wolfville. Decided to get some munchies at Shopper's Drug Mart. I wandered over to Just Us! coffee and got an iced mochaccino. After she had made her purchases, Patricia and I went over there together, where she got an iced mochaccino. She noticed there would be a play at the Al Whittle Theatre that evening, in about 90 minutes. It is called "I'll Be Back Before Midnight", and it is presented by Valley Summer Theatre. The only actor we recognized in the 4 person cast was Jeremy Webb, whom we had never seen in a play. There was a woman next to us ordering some iced tea. She mentioned she was associated with the play that evening, so we asked her some questions. Before I knew it, we had decided to go to the play, so I returned to the house, re-deposited the strawberries in the fridge, and returned to Wolfville.

I got some pictures of the really neat pride-based cross walk in front of the Al Whittle. At 7:30 we made our way for the front row.  And the show started at 8.

I gather this is the kind of play where you're not supposed to give away the ending. I'll just let you know that it is by times, funny, frigtening, funny again, and surprisingly sexy. At one point, I was scared enough to pass wind. Patricia noticed. I hoped that nobody else would.

During the intermission, I went to the lobby to get a drink of water. I overheard someone talking about the first half of the play. Mostly positive remarks, but then they mentioned that at one point, some guy in the front row had farted so I kept walking.

The play got over shortly after 10. We left, and returned once again to the home where I got the strawberries out of the fridge again, Patricia checked her emails, and we loaded up the car, yet again. We got homt shortly before midnight. The front light I had left on all day was a welcoming beacon to us. Newbie greeted us at the door and all but looked at the invisible watch on his wrist and wondered where the hell we had been.

It was a supremely long day, and almost all of it was spontaneous. From the trip itself, to the early bird Deep  Roots tickets to the play where I had a little accident, it was a day of fun that wasn't supposed to happen. The plan had been to stay in the house all day and do some cleaning up. Instead, not so much. No regrets, except that all that work was waiting for us this morning. And this evening, not all of it is done. Sigh.

Another work week starts in hours. And on Tuesday... fibreop!

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.



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