Monday, July 13, 2015

Post 3004 - Monday

Monday night. 9 o'clock.

Tomorrow is the big day.

Fibreop will be installed.

Oh, boy!

At coffee with the boys today we discussed how Tuesday will come down. Turns out that the website's estimate of "about 3 hours" to install Fibreop tv and internet is optimistic to the point of naiveté. One guy told me that Aliant took over 8 hours to install it in his home. Another warned me how Aliant is drill happy and takes delight in drilling holes everywhere it can, whether the hole is truly necessary or not. Wonderful. Just great. How joyous.

If I could tolerate at all the dsl-based internet connection here at home, I would likely continue to, if only because I won't have to take a vacation day tomorrow or put up with someone trying out for a stage revival of Woody Woodpecker. But just since I got home I have had to unplug and plug in the modem twice. I keep looking over at the "internet" light. It remains solid for a few seconds, and then blinks at me, as if to say, "Screw you, Bevboy! I know where I'm going tomorrow, and I will make your life miserable until then!" If the modem had a moustache, it would be twirling it and tying Patricia to a railroad track. Other times, the internet light just goes out, necessitating yet another modem reset. Sigh, double sigh, and so on.

So, new internet connection and tv experience, all tomorrow. Can't hardly wait. As much as I will enjoy the new internet connection, I will love saying goodbye to Eastlink television. They are chuckleheads, dipsee doodles, frig muffins, hors dovers, der moles, non-carbon-based lifeforms, and generally just not the best people to deal with. I don't even get bills from them anymore. I have to guess how much I owe them, or log on to the website to my account and then send along the payment it states, even though they likely have already received some money from me since that last bill run took place. 

After work on Wednesday, I will take the cable boxes I will have unplugged from every tv in the house and deliver them to the Eastlink store in Halifax Shopping Centre, there to cancel my cable and run away from them with a receipt signifying I owe them nothing.

Tomorrow, everyone. My life changes... tomorrow.  See you then.


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