Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Post 3005 - Yay!

Fibre op is here.

I love it.

Adam from Aliant showed up around 12:30. Three hours and 5 minutes later, he was getting ready to leave, having ugraded the land line to fibreop, replaced the dsl connection with fibreop, and hooked up the 4 HD tv's in the house to fibreop.

There is no comparison between the old world and the new one. Downloads are routinely 10megabytes per second, and I am sure there is a way to speed that up a lot. But I am not sure I care because those same downloads yesterday were 35 or 50 KILObytes per second. If I do a download here in my home office, it has no effect on Netflix watching in the next room  or upstairs, or in both places. Of course, I can be downloading and also Blogging at the same time.

Meanwhile, television is faster as well. If I changed a channel under Eastlink, there would be  second-or-two hesitation before the motion commenced on the new channel. Not here. Change channel, and boom! The TV here in my home office is the one with the wired connection; the remaining 3 are all wireless. The wired one has the pvr. With the pvr, I can record a few different shows at the same time on different channels. I think 2 of the shows can be in HD. The pvr is accessible by any of the tv's in the house.

After Adam left, I drove to Halifax Shopping Centre to return the Eastlink cable boxes, all 5 of them. After cancelling the cable, they told me that we have a credit situation because they bill in advance. They will mail me a cheque. Which is fine, because every cent of this found money will go toward the Aliant fibreop gaping maw.

Been a very long day, rich with incident. I almost need another vacation day to get over this day. But I can hold on for 3 more days and start my vacation.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.


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